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OUR VIEW: Enjoy free publicity from AAA's foul-up

Don't get too upset about the goofy mistake made recently by the travel agency AAA.

Yes, AAA's travel marketers should well know where Mount Rushmore is. As we all know, the great granite monument to four American presidents is in the Black Hills of South Dakota, not North Dakota, as AAA recently proclaimed in its "Great American Vacations" mailer.

The ad features a postcard of Mount Rushmore with the words "North Dakota." The mailings were sent to people in Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland and Washington, D.C. We haven't seen the postcard ourselves, but we sure wish we had one to tack on a bulletin board.

AAA is embarrassed and the agency's marketing team is "humbled by the error."

We simply shake our heads at the mistake and nothing more, since we suspect the publicity will more than make up for our bruised pride. News of the messed-up postcards has headed out on the national news wires and the Internet. This kind of publicity normally would be quite pricey, and in the end, the phrase "Mount Rushmore" will be uttered countless times across the nation.

It's unfortunate that we still get confused with our neighbors to the north, but it is what it is. The Carolinas and the Virginias probably understand our frustration.

We suspect North Dakotans are beaming this week, and who can blame them? In a way, they now can lay a smidgen of claim to our great state's most iconic attraction.

Normally, we would take this moment to poke fun at North Dakota, or perhaps make some grand and offensive joke at that state's expense. However, The Daily Republic is owned by a North Dakota family, so perhaps it's best we just leave it alone.

In the meantime, we'll enjoy the notoriety and free publicity that comes South Dakota's way via AAA's ill-informed mistake.