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OUR VIEW: Cheers to the heroes of academia

Today's society loves its sports heroes.

Generally, we adore those who smash home runs or score the game-winning basket. The people who get the most attention tend to do those kinds of things, and often. The Daily Republic has a section dedicated to those very exploits.

Is it fair that football players get higher billing than the superstars of academia? No, but it's what the masses want, so we provide it.

But on Page A4 of Wednesday's Daily Republic was a list of students who have quietly compiled an impressive résumé of their own. Under the headline "MHS awards presented," dozens of students were recognized for their achievements not on the football field or basketball court, but in the classroom, where it really counts.

Without that list -- provided by the high school -- would we know that 73 MHS students maintained perfect 4.0 grade-point averages during the first three quarters of the school year?

Or that 62 students have received the Presidential Award of Excellence?

Numerous other students were honored with a variety of awards as well.

Athletics is a great pursuit for students. All extracurricular activities are, for that matter. So many life lessons can be taught through sports, musicals, band and other options.

But the classroom is where real work habits -- those that will lead to greater success in life -- are developed.

To all of the kids who were mentioned on Page A4 Wednesday, we offer sincere congratulations. Your accomplishments did not come without hard work, commitment and sacrifice. Your parents, too, deserve kudos, since their guidance likely led to at least a small piece of your achievements.

We offer the same congratulations to the members of the National Honor Society, whose names were published earlier this spring in The Daily Republic.

And likewise, we congratulate the seniors who were honored at Wednesday night's Rotary Scholars Banquet. Their names are listed elsewhere in today's edition.

These students and all others who achieve academic excellence deserve our respect, and we can't help but marvel at their success, which is generally achieved in relative obscurity, away from the spotlight.