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OUR VIEW: No further measures needed at Cabela's pond

Clouds reflect off the surface of the water Monday afternoon at the Cabela's pond in Mitchell. The pond was the site of an accident last week that killed 61-year-old Jane Virginia Strong, of rural Mitchell. (Chris Huber/Republic)

Following a deadly 2008 accident along state Highway 37 south of Mitchell, The Daily Republic called for better safety measures along the sides of the road near the accident site.

A girl had died when the vehicle in which she was riding slid off the road and entered Enemy Creek. At the time, it was the second accident that resulted in a car going in the water at the site.

The state Department of Transportation originally hesitated to say additional safety measures were necessary there, despite those accidents. Later, the DOT erected safety rails at the site.

We felt strongly that any site of a fatal accident should be considered for safety upgrades. At the time, some local law officers agreed, and they, too, openly called for better safety measures at that tragic site.

Fast forward to August 2012 -- more precisely, these days following a strange fatal incident in Mitchell. Last week, a woman was found dead after her car careened off a street near Cabela's, cruised hundreds of feet and ended up submerged in the pond that sits on that company's property.

Should extra safety measures be enacted, or erected, to ensure a similar accident does not happen in the future?

No, we don't think so. And city officials are correct to get out in front of such talk, as they did in Tuesday's edition of The Daily Republic.

Public Safety Chief Lyndon Overweg told the newspaper this week that the accident is "out of the ordinary." He noted that the pond is far from roads and has throw-rings present, in case bystanders happen to fall in.

Mayor Ken Tracy said there have been no other issues with the pond. And he rightly noted that there aren't fences or other safety measures around Lake Mitchell, which in some areas is much closer to streets, roadways and paths.

We agree with both men. Although a cause hasn't been determined for last week's accident, we consider it as unique as it is unfortunate.

With respect to the unfortunate woman who died there and her friends and family, no further safety measures are needed at the Cabela's pond.