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TUPPER: Daily Republic -- More Than Ever

Is Mitchell still "More Than Ever"?

Apparently not. I don't see that once-popular slogan used much anymore by the Chamber of Commerce or anybody else.

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So, maybe I'll borrow it. As of today, The Daily Republic is More Than Ever -- for subscribers, that is.

We are announcing two new services exclusively available to our subscribers at no extra charge.

Platinum Rewards program, contest

First is the Platinum Rewards Program, which gives subscribers free daily access to dozens of coupons for local and area businesses.

If you're a subscriber, go online to, click the "Platinum Rewards" link on the right side of the page, and input some information tied to your subscription.

Once you're logged in, you can print coupons to use at local businesses, or simply display the coupons on your smartphone or tablet while you're at a participating business. There is no catch. Platinum Rewards is a free extra for everyone who subscribes to The Daily Republic.

There are nearly 30 local and area businesses participating in Platinum Rewards, including restaurants, an auto mechanic and a salon. If any other businesses would like to participate, they can call us at (605) 996-5514.

Subscribers who log in to Platinum Rewards between now and July 1 can enter daily in our Night on the Town contest, just by clicking on the contest logo. The winner will receive a $50 gift certificate to Overtime Steakhouse & Lounge and a $20 gift certificate to Luxury 5 Cinemas, both in Mitchell.

Not a computer user? No problem. Just call our circulation staff at (605) 996-5514. They can provide you with a Platinum Rewards member card and a list of the participating businesses.

Not a subscriber? You can sign up on the website for a free trial of Platinum Rewards. If you want to continue using the coupons, though, you'll eventually have to buy a subscription. We think you'll enjoy the thousands of locally written stories and photos we produce every year, our daily weather graphic and Things to Do calendar, twice weekly columns by South Dakota Hall of Fame inductee Terry Woster, daily advice columns about health and wellness, comic strips, puzzles, games and all the rest of the benefits of getting The Daily Republic delivered to your home or business.

Free e-paper access

The second new service for our subscribers is free access to our e-paper.

If you're a daily reader of the newspaper, what happens when you leave town for vacation or a business trip? You could use our website -- about 70,000 people view the site every month -- but it doesn't provide the experience of flipping through a printed newspaper, which is something many of print subscribers crave.

Those subscribers are now in luck, thanks to our free e-paper access. If you're leaving home for a while, just call our circulation staff at (605) 996-5514 and ask them to put a temporary stop on your print subscription for the duration of your trip. Then, for up to two weeks while a temporary delivery stop is in place, you can read a replica online edition of the paper -- we call it the "e-paper" -- wherever there's Internet access. Just go to, click "The Daily Republic Online Edition," and input some information tied to your subscription. If you have any trouble with the log-in (you might need help remembering your subscription account number, for example) just call us during regular business hours at (605) 996-5514 and ask for the Circulation Department. They'll talk you through it.

For those who are tech-savvy, think of the e-paper as a living PDF. For those who aren't tech savvy, just think of something on your computer screen that looks exactly like a newspaper. Users can click on a story to make it pop out for easier reading, and use their computer mouse to flip through the pages like they would if they were holding the printed paper in their hands.

When you return home, delivery of the paper will restart, and you'll still have access to the e-paper whenever you want to use it. The only limit is during a temporary stop, when your e-paper access is good for two weeks only.

Again, there are no other catches associated with either of these programs. Platinum Rewards and e-paper access are two free services we're providing to subscribers, just for being subscribers.

Thanks for reading The Daily Republic, and we hope you enjoy these two new services.