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NELSON: Don't use SD taxes to recruit out of state

By Stace Nelson, R-Fulton

My fellow South Dakotans: my belated but fondest New Year’s greetings to you and yours. My family and I wish you and yours all the best in 2014.

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As some of you may have heard, our New Year started off a little grim. My older brother, Doug, and his family lost everything in an unexpected house fire several weeks ago. Doug, my sister-in-law, Mary, my nephews, Doug and Rob, were all watching my youngest daughter play basketball against Wagner in Alexandria, and then returned home to their house engulfed in fire. We have moved them into our big, old farmhouse north of Fulton with us until they get their house rebuilt. While things take a little getting used to, we thank the good Lord they are all safe, and for the opportunity to spend this time with them. I’d like to express my personal thanks to all the kindness that folks from across the state have extended to my brother and his family.

This session is shaping up to be a very busy one. The governor has indicated he would like to use much of the unclaimed monies that South Dakota is receiving from banks that are chartered in South Dakota for the “BUILD SD” program, and other expansions of government. I have major concerns about the ethics of using these monies to begin with, as they are monies that belong to our fellow Americans. I feel a better job could be done to track down and return their monies.

I have even more concerns about more government programs in the line of the programs we have seen so much of the scandals in the crony-capitalism ventures of the Governor’s Office of Economic Development and the EB-5 foreign investments scandals.

I do not believe that taking your tax dollars to recruit workers from other states to come to South Dakota to compete against you for jobs here is why many of us pay our taxes. Employers have been responsible for hiring their own employees since the founding of this country. I am not for the state getting involved and taking over this responsibility of employers with your tax dollars.

We are expecting to hear bills dealing with the expansion of Medicaid, texting bans, repeal of the death penalty, repeal of Common Core Standards and numerous others.

Please contact me at Rep.nelson@state. by the legislative fax number (605) 773-6806 or by message on the fl oor (605) 773-3851 on these or other issues you may be concerned with. If you do write, please include your town in the subject line so I can immediately see that you are a constituent, as we get hundreds of emails a day from all over the world. I do attempt to reply to every message. If you do not receive an answer, assume I did not get your message and re-contact me.

God bless, and semper fi delis.

— Stace Nelson represents District 19