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Editorial: Week in review

CHEERS to the Cornbelt Conference and the three teams that came from it this year to win state high school football championships. Canistota defeated Hitchcock-Tulare 66-0 to win the Class 9B title, Hanson beat Harding County 34-16 to win the Class 9A title and Bridgewater-Emery/Ethan beat Viborg-Hurley 48-34 to win the Class 9AA title. It seems that every year, the bulk of this state's football championships go to schools and co-ops from the Mitchell region. We're not surprised by this tradition, since we see firsthand the dedication of players, coaches and fans at games throughout the season, and throughout the years. Congratulations to teams and fans from Canistota, Bridgewater, Emery, Ethan, Alexandria, Fulton, Farmer and everybody in between. It was a great year, capped by an almost unbelievable showing by the Cornbelt Conference at the DakotaDome.

CHEERS to Alan Greenway of Mount Vernon, who was awarded the United States Postal Service Hero Award last week, recognizing Greenway's efforts to aid a woman on his mail route. Carol Duesterhoft broke her arm in a mishap in September and couldn't make her way to her house. She remained calm, knowing Greenway would be along, as usual, at 3 p.m. Sure enough, Greenway was on time, heard Duesterhoft calling for help and administered aid. The world needs more of these kinds of stories.

HISSES to news that millions of Americans who get their health insurance through their workplace will be saddled with more of those health-insurance costs. A report in The Daily Republic last week noted that according to expects and industry insiders, trends suggest that employers will continue to shift more costs of insurance onto their workers. The reason is skyrocketing health-care costs. This is unfortunate news, but we figure it's a sign of the times.

CHEERS to events around the region, state and nation that honored America's veterans. One such event was held Thursday at the Davison County Fairgrounds, sponsored by the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars and the Disabled American Veterans. We appreciate these events because they honor those who have made sacrifices on behalf of all Americans. Whether their service was outright combat or as a behind-the-scenes secretary, all veterans deserve our respect and gratitude for their efforts.

CHEERS to the United Way, which held its local banquet Friday in Mitchell. Not only do we commend the organization itself, but also the many, many Mitchell-area residents who contributed to the campaign this year. United Way donates the proceeds of its annual fundraiser to numerous local entities; without United Way funds, many charitable causes and worthwhile organizations would come up short in funding.