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OPINION: Memorial Day a chance to honor memory of more than soldiers

Memorial Day is once again upon us, that we may take a day from our labors and give our time and respect to remember those who labored unto death for us. With honor our United States military servicemen served long and difficult tours, sometimes at the cost of their own lives to protect those who were unable to do so themselves. Through selfless service and the ultimate sacrifice of some, many obtain liberty.

With these thoughts let us consider some things. In all of the wars Americans have fought, an estimated 1,316,000 have died. That's 1.32 million lives in 238 years. In contrast, since the Roe vs. Wade decision of 1973, approximately 55 million babies have been murdered through abortion. That is 55 million lives in 40 years.

To break it down a little further, that's 42 times the American lives lost in all wars combined; killed by their own nation in one-sixth of the time. By "friendly fire" we strip liberty from the unborn. We vilely practice genocide on our own for convenience and self ambition. The proponents of abortion (murder in utero), would have us believe that its practice is in fact liberty.

Liberty, they say for the mother, but what about the child? They must then answer this by redefining the baby as a fetus or some other non-human descriptor. I must ask, have you ever heard anyone say to their child "Mrs. ____ has a 'fetus' in her tummy"? Or when have we ever said "Oh yes, my wife is with fetus"? Or has anyone you know ever thrown a "fetus shower"?

I argue that whenever a person or group seeks to serve themselves and strip life or liberty from others, he or she always will attempt to redefine the world around him or her, else the debauched agenda will be seen for what it is.

Recently, famed abortionist Kermit Gosnell stood trial for the murder of eight babies born in spite of attempted late term abortions. For those unaware, abortions are often performed by clipping the spinal cord or dismemberment while in the womb. These unsuspecting children have their arms and legs ripped and torn from their tiny bodies with surgical utensils. In the case of Gosnell, when the abortion procedure doesn't kill the children, they are either left in a surgical bowl or sink to die, or the spine is clipped with a scissors. Disgustingly, in this nation, because of the re-definition of what constitutes life, he can only be tried or convicted on those that actually were born still breathing.

Armed with this information, ask yourself: Will you stand up and fight for the right to life for those who are yet unborn? While American soldiers fought and died to protect the lives of all, and the constitutional rights of Americans, will you stand by and let some in this nation redefine who has rights?

Are we going to stay in our comfortable little lives, jobs and homes and ignore while our once great nation practices genocide on its own? If we do not protect the lives and rights of the unborn, then pretty soon there won't be anyone left to protect the rights of those who are already born. In 40 years, we have lost three generations of entire family trees, of families, three generations who may have served in our military, three generations who could have been president, who could have cured cancer, diabetes and so much else -- three generations of Americans. Please respectfully remember this Memorial Day those who died protecting your life and liberty, but also remember those who died being stripped of theirs.

In remembrance of these 55 million babies murdered, throughout the summer you will see 55 white crosses displayed throughout the community. Please take the time to observe the crosses and think about the things mentioned here. Please pray for this nation, for the unborn, for the unsaved, but mostly for those who claim the name of Jesus Christ yet live like they don't know Him. Pray He will turn the hearts of His people in America back to Him, because we cannot call on God for change while living for ourselves. Consider joining SD Right to Life and defending your country through activism or financial contributions. Also join us locally; Tri-County SDRTL meets at 7:30 p.m. every third Thursday at the DCS library. Find us on Facebook: Tri-County South Dakota Right to life.

-- Jeff Bouman, Platte, is president of the Tri-County Chapter of South Dakota Right to Life.