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Editorial: Week in review

CHEERS to two city leaders who took differing sides last week at a debate about an issue that faces Mitchell voters. Mayor Lou Sebert and City Council member Mel Olson spoke for more than a half hour about the pros and cons of allowing Sunday offsale of liquor in Mitchell, an issue voters will decide Tuesday. Olson spoke against allowing Sunday offsale, and Sebert spoke in favor. We appreciate that they are willing to take a stand on the issue, which is what true leaders do. We also appreciate that when the debate ended, they slapped each other on the back, smiled and cordially visited before leaving the amphitheater at Mitchell Technical Institute. That's precisely what election season should be about -- disagreement on issues, but a maintenance of decorum.

CHEERS to the Mitchell High School football team for winning as many games this year as it has in the past two years combined. The Kernels still had a losing record at 4-6, but were close and had chances to win at least three other games. Whatever the team's record, the Kernels gave a spark to the fall athletics season here in Mitchell, christening their new football stadium and providing fans with a team that was truly fun to watch. Mitchell residents just seemed to be more excited about football this fall, and that's a victory in itself.

HISSES to the fires that plagued Wagner last week. The American Legion Hall burned on Wednesday, two days after a serious fire occurred at Fred Haar Implement. The implement dealership fire was still under investigation late last week, while the American Legion fire was determined not to have suspicious origins, according to Wagner officials. We cringe whenever a small town endures a Main Street fire, and we hope for the best in Wagner.

CHEERS to everybody who votes. Whether it's actually going to the polls Tuesday or filling out early voting ballots in these past weeks, we appreciate everyone who makes the effort. Tuesday is one of those rare Election Days that have numerous intriguing races that are of interest to everybody and we urge all residents of the region to take 20 minutes out of their day to participate.

CHEERS to the new trail at Lake Mitchell. A photograph in The Daily Republic last week showed workers laying logs to be used as support for a bridge that connects the trail system at the lake, which stretches three-fourths of a mile starting at Kiwanis Woodlot Park. The bridge marks the end of the building project, which was completed through volunteer work and donated funds and materials.

HISSES to the confusing complexity of alcohol laws in this state. A Friday report in this newspaper pointed out there are 20 kinds of alcohol licenses available in South Dakota, and even the people who administer the licenses can barely keep up with all the laws and regulations that govern them. We can only blame legislators for this. In their effort to please people on all sides of the issue over the years, they've turned our alcohol laws into a jumbled mess. We hope some leadership emerges on this issue and changes are made to make our alcohol laws easier for everyone to understand, obey and enforce.