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Letters to the Editor

Support Howie for governor of S.D.

To the Editor:

We have known Gordon Howie for many years. He is an entrepreneur. He owns a real-estate business and is a rancher. He knows how to manage a budget.

He is pro-guns. He is pro-life. He is pro-family values. He is pro-God. He is pro-less government invasion in our lives and businesses.

Is he perfect? Probably not.

Will you agree with him on everything? Probably not.

But you will know where he stands, so please hear him out.

That's why we are pro-Gordon Howie for governor.

Hank and Sharon Thompson, Rapid City

What rights for those without health care?

To the Editor:

For several months, America has watched the debate regarding health-care reform. Much of the debate has revolved around money and rights. It will cost too much money and I don't want to lose "my right ..." My right to choose the doctor I want. My right to choose this or that.

As I've watched the debate, I've wondered about the "rights" of those who do not have health insurance due to its high cost. I've wondered about the "rights" of those who have been denied health insurance due to their "right" of having a "pre-existing condition."

It's easy for those of us who have health insurance to cry out if we feel the injustice is being done to us, but how easy is it for those who cannot afford health insurance or don't have it due to being denied? What "rights" do they have?

The reality is that none of us really know what the health-care reform will mean in the long run. Economists, politicians, academics ... they all can make predictions, but they don't know for sure. None of us know the future for sure. My hope, though, is that those who have had "little to no rights" in this great system of health care will find some options so they, too, can claim they have the "right."

Kristi McLaughlin, Letcher

Natural method is best family planning

To the Editor:

Oral contraceptive pills have four possible mechanisms: 1. suppressing ovulation, 2. altering cervical mucous to hinder the transport of sperm, 3. slowing the transport of the ovum, and 4. inhibiting implantation of the newly conceived human being resulting in an abortion.

A great concern for the medical side effects of "the pill" is that the risk of breast cancer increases over 40 percent if it is taken before a woman delivers her first baby. Other side effects that women have experienced include high blood pressure, blood clots, strokes, heart attacks, depression, weight gain, migraines, etc. Diabetics have increased sugar levels. Some women who stop taking the pill do not have a return of their fertility for a year or longer. At least three studies have noted that the AIDS virus is transmitted easier to women who are taking the pill.

Norplant is a progestin that is placed under the skin and can be left for five years. The side effects for these are also serious. If Norplant has been used for two years or more before the woman is 25, they have a 190 percent increased risk of developing breast cancer. Bone density is also reduced and cholesterol increases.

The condom has a failure rate between 10 and 30 percent. It also does not stop the transmission of the AIDS virus as there are voids (holes) in them that are bigger than the HIV particle.

Natural Family Planning is an effective method of birth control based on learning the fertile and infertile phases of a woman's menstrual cycle. Of 100 couples using this method correctly for one year, one or less become pregnant. Of 1,200 couples practicing NFP, but not following the rules, anywhere from three to 15 will become pregnant, which equates to 85 to 97 percent. NFP can also be used to increase chances of becoming pregnant by learning the fertile times of a woman's cycle. Studies have proven that practicing NFP helps conjugal love and helps achieve responsible parenthood.

Marie Bettmeng, Alexandria

Good home available for veterans in S.D.

To the Editor:

Veterans: Ask yourself the following questions, and if you answer yes to any of them, look into becoming a resident of the Michael J. Fitzmaurice South Dakota Veterans Retirement Home in Hot Springs.

Are you living on a fixed income and having trouble making ends meet? Do you have large medical expenses? Do you need help taking care of your spouse? Are you tired of living in a climate that is extremely cold in the winter and extremely hot in the summer and want mild winters and summers? Have to drive long distances for dialysis? Need help daily to bathe or change bandages?

Here at the vets home, you can bring your own car and come and go on passes and take a furlough rent free. The home has 72 private rooms and 11 rooms for couples, 35 rooms for nursing care and a 17-bed Alzheimer's Unit.

Individual residents pay a maintenance fee based on 50 percent of income and assets. Couples are the same but pay 55 percent. This entitles the resident to receive a room, utilities (except telephone), bedding, laundry services, meals, medical services, pharmaceutical services, physical therapy, activities and social services.

Transportation for residents is scheduled weekdays to Hot Springs and the Hot Springs VA appointments and local shopping and dining. We have a bus with a wheelchair lift. We have a pastor who conducts church services and other activities. Catholic and protestant services are held weekly and on special occasions. The pastor is available for counseling.

We have social workers who provide counseling. We have a post office. Banking services are available. The ground-floor dining room includes three meals every day, plus snacks for activities and special diets.

A local physician comes regularly and is on call. Clinics are held for special needs. The nurse's aide staff at the home are certified and supervised by a registered nurse. Our nursing department provides supervised medications, whirlpool baths and other physical therapists provide restorative therapy. We have exercise equipment. A licensed dietitian helps with special diets. We have a licensed pharmacist.

For information, contact your local veterans service officer or the Vets Home at 745-5127.

Larry Wilcox, Superintendent, Michael J. Fitzmaurice South Dakota Veterans Home, Hot Springs

God, not man, is in control of this world

To the Editor:

Every precise detail in and on this planet is perfectly designed to meet the needs of human beings as well as the entire plant and animal world. Mankind has gone to great lengths to explain the origins of life, but the complexity of everything is beyond man's understanding.

Except for the remnant mankind refuses to be accountable to God and thus clings to the theory of evolution, which Darwin himself admitted was not the complete answer. They have now succeeding in establishing the lie that evolution is a fact. As a result, teen suicide has skyrocketed, but God has a special purpose for each of these lives, if only they'd seek Him for it.

Mankind has also chosen to believe that he is in control of weather. Everything in existence is precisely coordinated for finely tuned performance with everything else. Climate is no exception. Man is so greedy that he keeps inventing ways to sell lies to people in money-making schemes. "Global warming" started at the U.N.

Our president completely ignores the will of the people and with great arrogance, believes he knows better. Literally he bribes Democrats who do not favor his health-care plan. This is the first step toward establishing socialism, which he is bent on doing. He disdains the Constitution, behaving as the dictator he hopes to be.

God is sovereign over all things. Nothing we do counts for anything except what we do for God, especially the sharing of the Gospel. We must repent, believe and trust in Christ, His life, death and resurrection. Only the cross of Christ can transform the human heart. This alone will save people from the horrors of hell.

Only our Creator God has all knowledge, all power, everywhere present, is sovereign and in control of all things, now and forever.

Sandie Rice, Mitchell