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In Other Words: Wooded lot near lake is a beautiful piece of Mitchell, must be preserved

People go for a ride after church and always around the lake. They take that drive year-round, especially summer, when it is spectacular. When family is in town, they want to show them around the area. Going down North Harmon past those tall pines is one of the prettiest drives in town. Their family loves it and it makes the residents proud of their town. This is why we need to keep the city's trees on North Harmon Drive.

The trees, especially those magnificent pine trees, should be left alone. They belong to the city -- leave it that way. Some think it is overgrown, but the heavy brush is important to songbirds and wildlife. We should leave them alone so future generations can enjoy them.

During my time as mayor, I took many, many people around town and always to the lake. They always commented how fortunate we were to have such a beautiful city and what a gorgeous drive around the lake. No city around has such a spectacular place. The people that planted those trees worked very hard planting them by hand and carrying buckets of water so they would grow. They left a special gift for us that deserves appreciation.

Through my life, I have been around the lake many times and I have always loved that special part of the drive by the trees. Over the years, we have taken much of the natural beauty of the lake by clearing trees and meadows. The thought of selling the wooded lot and those gorgeous pines makes me angry. It is a very bad idea. That little bit of money that this amounts to will not pacify one person. We need to preserve this beautiful piece of Mitchell.

Please tell Mayor Sebert and the City Council members to let the trees live.