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Letter to Editor: Who will make decisions for us?

To the Editor:

Why would the AARP support the health care plan being proposed in Congress, which would turn all life decisions over to our government? They are unable to control spending and keep putting us in more debt.

I used to think that AARP was for the retired and elderly people. Not now! Obama's plan has made it known that he would give the elderly pills for pain but no medicine to prolong life. His plan will give counseling though to the elderly to help them accept the plan's goal: death. This would be much sooner than our lives are now with medical help.

Everyone that may have serious conditions will be denied certain tests, second opinions or even treatment if the government decides the cost is too much or society would be better off without us. All decisions will be made for us not by us! I do not know about you but I want to make my own decisions not put my life in the government's hands.

You will be required to buy insurance even if you cannot afford it, or pay a fine.

We are forced by the government in this package to pay for abortions on demand to get rid of children in this bill as others already in law. Why? It may be to reduce the population in this country so that our enemies and terrorists families can grow? Did you ever think of that? What about our rights to object to paying for these? The government has taken that away.

I am very disappointed AARP is trying to get people to sign a petition to put this murderous bill through.

Tell your friends about this health care plan. Ask them if they want to have the government make our life and death decisions. Remember if you intend to renew your membership with AARP what they are trying to help government pass. My membership will not be renewed.

We do need some changes in health care, but not with the lives of many people.

Donna Squires, Emery