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Avon school considering additional security

AVON — Following safety scares around the region, the Avon School District is pondering the purchase of more security measures.

In the past two weeks, both the Avon School District and Mitchell School District have come face-to-face with perceived safety threats, forcing lockdowns or heightened safety awareness.

On Monday in Mitchell, a social media post reading "Don't go to school tomorrow @ MHS" sparked a lockdown in the Mitchell School District. It was quickly determined to be a threat directed at a school in a different state. Recently in Avon, a social media post made some residents believe the school was in a lockdown when it was not.

At this week's Avon School Board meeting, the board discussed available grants to fund the purchase of various security measures. One available grant Avon Superintendent Tom Culver said the district will apply for is through Homeland Security. If the school is awarded the funds, he said it will consider purchasing metal detectors, panic buttons and more. Panic buttons can be located throughout the school and if pushed can put the entire school in a lockdown and call 911, Culver said.

The potential addition of security measures is a common trend among rural schools in the area, with many adding similar technology and centralized entry points to school buildings. Many of those projects have been done in conjunction with extensive building additions and renovations.

"Our board feels that we need to be proactive and be prepared and hopefully prevent any incident," Culver said.

The school already has video cameras in various areas of the building and a key card entry system during the school day.