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June 5, 2014 CALL TO ORDER Chairman Claggett called the regular meeting of the Davison County Board of Commissioners to order at 9:00 a.m. All members of the Board were present. Also present was Auditor Kiepke. PLEDGE The Pledge of Allegiance was led by Chairman Claggett. APPROVE MINUTES Motion by Weiss, second by Weitala to approve the minutes from the May 27th, 2014 meeting. All members voted aye. Motion carried. 2014 PRIMARY ELECTION REPORT Auditor Kiepke reported that she was very proud of herself and her staff for the way the 2014 Primary Election was conducted. She stated that she was prepared for possible glitches with the new DS850. Therefore, she and her staff tested and tested and tested the equipment before election night. Auditor Kiepke also had ES&S personnel on hand in the event of a possible glitch. The reason the DS850 was implemented now rather than November is because the Primary, as a rule, has far less voter turnout. By implementing the machine in June, any problems would be able to be worked out. There turned out to be an issue with the ballot stamps. It didn't have to do with anything anybody did wrong, it had to do with the machine simply doing its job. Some of the ballot stamps were to dark so as to give the machine the impression that there was an errant mark on the ballot. Rather than panic, Kiepke stated that she appointed two more resolution boards to add to the one she regularly appoints. The resolution boards, comprised of one Democrat and one Republican, replaced the ballots that couldn't be read and they were rescanned. The Board supported Kiepke's decisions and thanked her for saving other counties grief in the long run in November RECESS BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS / CONVENE CANVASSING BOARD At 9:30 a.m., motion by Kiner, second by Weitala to recess Board of Commissioners and convene the 2014 Primary Election Canvassing Board. All members voted aye. Motion carried. APPROVE/SIGN 2014 PRIMARY ELECTION CANVASS Motion by Kiner, second by Weitala to approve and sign the 2014 Primary Canvass Report of Votes. A roll call vote was taken as follows. Reider - aye, Weiss - aye, Weitala - aye, Kiner - aye, Claggett - aye. Motion carried. ADJOURN CANVASSING BOARD/RECONVENE BOARD OF COMMISSIONERS At 10:02 a.m., motion by Reider, second by Weiss to adjourn the 2014 Primary Canvassing Board and reconvene the Board of Commissioners. All members voted aye. Motion carried. EXCUSE COMMISSIONER REIDER Chairman Claggett excused Commissioner Reider for the remainder of the meeting. APPROVE RAFFLE REQUEST At the request of Dave Mitchell, Chairperson of the Davison County Democratic Party, motion by Weiss, second by Kiner to approve a raffle request for the Davison County Democratic Party to be held on October 21, 2014. All members present voted aye. Motion carried. APPROVE BILLS Motion by Kiner, second by Weitala to approve the following bills for payment. All members present voted aye. Motion carried. GENERAL FUND: COMMISSION: Utilities /Mitchell Telecom-49.65; ELECTIONS: Supplies/ Brown & Saenger-3.29, Election Systems- 2,256.31, McLeod's- 17.10; AUDITOR: Utilities / Susan Kiepke-50.00, Mitchell Telecom-49.68; TREASURER: Utilities/Mitchell Telecom- 102.00, Minor Equip / Menards-198.00; ST ATTY: Prof Fees /James D Taylor- 6,025.93, Yellow Robe Consulting- 3,442.08, Utilities/ Mitchell Telecom-122.60, Minor Equip / Tech Solutions- 1,468.00; IDIGENT DEFENDER: Third Party Billing/ Larson & Nipe-230.55; PUBLIC SAFETY BLDG: Gas & Electric/Northwestern Energy-5,437.60; GEN GOV BLDG: Cable TV/Mitchell Telecom-51.81, Water & Sewer/City of Mitchell- 61.60; DOE: Supplies/ Brown & Saenger- 690.82, Utilities/Mitchell Telecom- 112.40; ROD; Supplies/Brown & Saenger-80.98, Deb Young- 4.23, Utilities/ Mitchell Telecom-126.31; NORTH CO BLDG: Supplies/ Menards-15.96, Thune's- 7.96, Phones/Mitchell Telecom- 80.89; VETERANS: Utilities/Mitchell Telecom-125.07; SHERIFF: Office Supplies/ Card Service Center- 9.51, Hard Drive Outlet- 61.38, Patrol Car Fuel/Card Service Center- 147.12, Uniforms/ Brenda's Sew & So-2.00, Card Service Center-103.92, Field Supplies/Card Service Center-6.46, McLeod's- 333.60, Prisoner Transport/ Card Service Center-33.08,Utilities/Mitchell Telecom- 268.13, Cellular Service/Josh Peterson- 50.00, Minor Equip/Card Service Center-132.97, Ed Roehr Safety Products-75.56; JAIL: Medicine/Mitchell Regional Ambulance-583.60, Office Supplies/ Center Printing- 163.25, Jail Supplies/Jones Supplies- 375.04, Laundry Supplies/Hillyard-285.39, Kitchen Supplies/ Hillyard- 356.64, Prisoner Food/ CBM Food Service-3,632.31, Cable TV/ Mitchell Telecom-51.81, Contracts/Hard Drive Outlet-33.83; CORONER: Coroner Fees/ George Bittner-170.00; POOR RELIEF: Transients/Econo Lodge-75.00, Travel/Dawn Grissom- 11.60, Utilities/Dawn Grissom- 50.00, Mitchell Telecom-119.65, Northwestern-224.26; MENTAL ILLNESS BRD: Committals/Patrick Kiner-87.00, Hearing/Denise Cody-15.00, Lucy Lewno-105.49, Pollard & Larson-45.00, Karen Swanda-1 5.00; FAIRGROUNDS: Gas & Electric/Northwestern Energy-33.48; EXTENSION: Utilities/Northwestern Energy- 260.27; WEED: Utilities/Mitchell Telecom- 108.70; HIWAY: Repairs & Maint/ Thune's-1.20, Supplies & Materials/Fastenal- 209.93, Utilities/ Mitchell Telecom-160.51, Northwestern Energy- 127.60; EMERG MGMT: Repairs & Maint/A & B Business-26.75, Mega Wash-10.00, Supplies/ McLeod's-70.98, Utilities/ Jeff Bathke-50.00, Mitchell Telecom-74.90, Nathan Wegner- 50.00, Emergency Accuml/Independent Viking Glass- 1,800.00. ADJOURN At 10:10 a.m., Chairman Claggett adjourned the meeting and set the next regular Board of Commissioners meeting for Tuesday, June 10, 2014, at 9:00 a.m. ATTEST Susan Kiepke, Auditor John Claggett, Chairman Published once at the total approximate cost of $164.13