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OUR VIEW: Hisses and Cheers

HISSES to news that South Dakota's 125th anniversary next year might not be marked by some sort of grand party. Last week, it was reported that planners aren't ready to decide on any major events, although it's possible the year will feature educational programs, local celebrations and the like. We don't think it's necessary to put together some sort of Woodstock-like festival in honor of the state's 125th birthday, but we do feel it appropriate to have some type of official state event to commemorate the milestone.

HISSES to the rodeo clown in Missouri who last week wore a mask of President Obama and then encouraged a bull to run him down. Democrats and Republicans alike have denounced the stunt, and the Missouri State Fair Commission has decided to permanently ban the performer from ever again working at that state's annual fair. Even if you don't agree with a president's politics, we find it in poor taste to pull stunts like this, since it demeans and disrespects the office. And on a side note, we are annoyed when performers at rodeos or ballgames take any kind of political stance whatsoever during their performance.

CHEERS to news that there were fewer fatal accidents during this year's Sturgis Motorcycle Rally, which concluded last week. According to early statistics, there were 69 accidents, which was an increase over the 50 accidents in 2012 and possibility a result of greater attendance this summer. But there were six fatalities this year, which is three fewer than recorded the year before.

HISSES to statistics that show sales tax collections are down so far this year in Mitchell. According to city numbers, about $5.36 million was collected from January through July, a total that's about 4.4 percent lower than during the same period in 2012. Last year, the city marked a record in sales-tax collections, so we suppose it's difficult to match those great numbers. But we still are disappointed to see a decrease so far this year.