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Fundraiser gathers $12K for India wells

PLATTE — Last week's "In the Water for Water" fundraiser raised more than $12,000, according to organizer Linda DeHaai.

Fifteen swimmers participated in the Aug. 13 event at Dock 44 west of Platte on the Missouri River, which was held for the second straight year. Advanced swimmers traversed windy waters for a mile-long swim, while less experienced swimmers traveled about a quarter-mile as part of the event.

The fundraiser was held to support the Champions House Foundation and build drinking wells in India. According to its website, Champions House Foundation was founded by Chamberlain locals, and is "dedicated to providing fresh water, food, clothing, medical care, and other needs to people without hope, with an emphasis on helping children."

Each well costs about $2,500, meaning DeHaai will help donate five wells again this year to the poorest parts of India, where dirty water is all too frequent and causes disease.

"It really did go well," she said. "We're thankful for the generosity and certainly we'll still take donations."

DeHaai said Rev. Samuel Sudarsanam, of India, who works closely with the Champions House Foundation, will visit South Dakota in September and is available to speak to groups. For more information, contact Champions House at 730-0524.