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SD sixth-least expensive state to operate vehicle

NEW YORK — South Dakota is the sixth-least expensive state to operate a motor vehicle, at $2,022 per year, according to a new report.

That's below the national average of $2,223.

The new report accounts for the costs of gasoline, insurance and repairs in each state. South Dakota has the second lowest insurance premiums in the country, as well as below-average auto repair costs. But South Dakotans tend to spend much more on gas than the typical American.

Two other Northern Plains states, according to the report, are on the extremes.

Wyoming is the most expensive state to operate a motor vehicle and Iowa is the cheapest, according to the report. Bankrate factored in the annual costs of gasoline, insurance and repairs. In Wyoming, a typical driver spends $2,705 per year to operate his or her vehicle. In Iowa, the average driver spends just $1,942 per year. The national average is $2,223.

While Wyoming has below-average costs for car repairs, gas prices and insurance, drivers in this state drive 68 percent more than the typical driver and therefore spend a whopping $1,588 per year on gas — more than anywhere else in the country.

One major reason Iowa is the cheapest place to operate a vehicle is because drivers there enjoy the cheapest car insurance rates in the country — an average of just $630 per year. Car repairs are also relatively inexpensive; typical drivers in Iowa spend just $315 per year.

Louisiana ($2,555), Florida ($2,516), Mississippi ($2,487) and New Jersey ($2,421) round out the five most expensive states.

Ohio ($1,973), Illinois ($1,999), Idaho ($2,001) and Wisconsin ($2,018) join Iowa among the five cheapest states.