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Parkston To Be Capital For A Day

PIERRE — Gov. Dennis Daugaard announced Monday that Parkston has been chosen to be South Dakota's Capital for a Day on Aug. 27.

"I look forward to the Parkston event, and thank community leaders for offering to host it," Daugaard said. "It's an excellent opportunity for me to become better acquainted with the community and learn about the issues impacting the Parkston area."

The Governor's activities for the day will include a Main Street walk, business tours around town and a social hour with the public. The governor will also hold a roundtable meeting for community leaders to meet and discuss the needs of the city.

"We are fortunate to have Parkston selected to be South Dakota's Capital for a Day. Any time we can bring the governor into our community to provide residents and business owners the opportunity to discuss important issues, it's a great thing," Parkston Mayor Dave Hoffman said. "It is an honor to host Gov. Daugaard, the First Lady and his staff, and hope they find the day fun and informative."