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Shakespeare Garden hosts meeting by tourism board

Shakespeare Garden in Wessington Springs hosted members of the Glacial Lakes & Prairies Tourism Board for its quarterly meeting in July.

The Anne Hathaway Cottage was the site of the executive committee in the morning. The board includes members from northeast South Dakota, representing 20 counties.

Kathy Dean, Shakespeare Garden Board member, gave a short talk on the cottage and garden background. Kim Burg, coordinator of the Wessington Springs Area Development Board, was asked to join the regional tourism board last fall.

“When they asked for communities to host their quarterly meetings, I knew I wanted to invite them to Wessington Springs,” Burg said. “They commented that we were fortunate that, in addition to no loss of life during the recent tornado, we were also fortunate to not lose any of our historic attractions.”

Two representatives from the South Dakota Department of Tourism were also present, including Eileen Bersch, tourism regional liaison; and new staff member Austin Kaus, outdoor media and industry relations representative, who is originally from Wessington Springs.

— Source: Wessington Springs Area Development Corporation