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SD median income lowest in Northern Plains

South Dakota is in the low-middle range nationally when it comes to median household income, according to a new report, but lags behind its Northern Plains neighbors.

According to a new study performed by the real estate blog Movoto, South Dakota median income is $63,414 per year, placing it in the second lowest 20 percent in the nation.

However, every other state in the Northern Plains had a higher median income, with Minnesota breaking into the top 11 in sixth place at $91,620.

Median income of Northern Plains states: Minnesota, $91,620; North Dakota, $83,609; Iowa, $83,233; Wyoming, $81,430; Nebraska, $73,370; Montana, $65,686 and South Dakota, $63,414.

Connecticut had the highest median income, according to Movoto, at $152,325 and Mississippi the lowest at $37,656.