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National Red Power show draws 18,000 to Huron

HURON — The 2014 National Red Power Round Up drew 18,626 people in attendance. The show was held June 26-28 at the South Dakota State Fairgrounds in Huron.

“We hosted an extremely successful national show,” commented Jerome Hertel, State Fair manager. “People came from all over the United States to attend and we were able to show people what South Dakota has to offer. Our goal was to hit between 15,000 and 20,000 for an attendance number. We were pleased with the number we saw.”

Visitors from 45 states and seven countries attended with 904 exhibits displayed. The campground was home to 503 campers during the event.

The 25th Annual National Red Power Round Up was a celebration for people from all around the world to gather to see the history of International Harvester and agriculture-related memorabilia.