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Report: Dakotas have low unemployment rates for mental health service recipients

ARLINGTON, Va. -- The Dakotas have among the lowest unemployment rates for residents receiving public mental health services in the nation.

Still, according to a recent report, well over half of those Dakotans are still unemployed.

According to a new study by the National Alliance on Mental Illness, North Dakota has the second-best unemployment rate among those receiving mental health services, at 62.9 percent. South Dakota ranked eighth at 72 percent.

Wyoming had the lowest unemployment rate in the nation for this group at 56.1 percent.

The national average, according to the alliance, is 80 percent.

NAMI says one of the best steps in recovery from mental illness is a job.

Unemployment rates for residents receiving public mental health services in other Northern Plains states and their ranking: Iowa, 68.4 percent, third-lowest; Minnesota, 86.1 percent, 34th-lowest; Montana, 86.1 percent, 33rd-lowest; and Nebraska, 70.8 percent, fifth-lowest.

The state with the highest unemployment rates was Maine at 92.6 percent.