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Survey: Dakotas have highest jet fuel taxes in Northern Plains

Just like filling up at the gas station, most jet aircraft owners also have to pay taxes at the pump for fuel.

According to a new study by the Tax Foundation, the Dakotas have the highest effective rates per gallon of jet fuel in the Northern Plains. However, North Dakota's rate of 8 cents per gallon and South Dakota's at 6 cents still rank them in the middle of states that tax jet fuel. North Dakota ranks 17th highest in jet fuel taxes and South Dakota 19th highest.

The Tax Foundation reports that for each cent of jet fuel tax, aviation industry wide fuel expenses increase by $180 million.

Minnesota -- with a large Delta Airlines hub in Minneapolis -- has the 35th-highest rate at 2.7 cents per gallon and the lowest in the Northern Plains. Nebraska is next-lowest at 30th and 3.3 cents per gallon, followed by: Iowa, 26th highest at 4 cents per gallon; Montana, 23rd at 4.8 cents per gallon; and Wyoming, 22nd, at 5 cents per gallon.

Some states such as Texas, Ohio and Delaware do not tax jet fuel. Illinois has the highest rate at 32.8 cents per gallon, according to the study.