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Study: SD ranks well in education, jobs, income and environment

South Dakota is like Scotland -- and Alberta.

It's also like Aland in Finland and Tyrol in Austria.

At least that's what the numbers say in a study about well-being by the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development.

OECD looked at eight indicators: Access to services, civic engagement, education, jobs, environment, income, health and safety. It then put them into a star graphic, with longer rays indicating better scores.

It then overlaid those results on over 300 locations it tracks and made comparisons.

South Dakota ranked well nationally and internationally in several categories. These included:

• Education: 9.4/10 points, 15/51 states, top 15 percent internationally.

• Jobs: 9.4/10, 3/51, top 7 percent.

• Income: 9.2/10, 27/51, top 8 percent.

• Environment: 8.1/10, 20/51, top 22 percent.

The state was in the middle in the following categories.

• Access to services: 7.4/10, 22/51 states, top 45 percent internationally.

• Health: 6.5/10, 19/51, bottom 44 percent.

• Safety: 6.4/10, 16/51, bottom 28 percent.

South Dakota ranked low in one category:

• Civic engagement: 4.1/10 points, 35/51 states, bottom 30 percent internationally.