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Study: Sanford richest corporation in South Dakota

A recent study shows that the Sanford Health system is the richest corporation based in South Dakota at just over $3 billion in revenues per year.

Broadview Networks, a technology and communications company that features cloud-based telephones, put together a map and listing of the largest corporations headquartered in each state based on Hoover's database of company profiles.

The results for surrounding states and annual revenues: Minnesota, Cargill Inc., $136.65 billion; Montana, Silverwater Mining Company, $1.03 billion; Nebraska, Berkshire Hathaway, $182.14 billion; Iowa, Transamerica Life Insurance Co., $19.64 billion; North Dakota, MDU Resources Group Inc., $4.46 billion; Wyoming, Cloud Peak Energy Inc., $1.39 billion; South Dakota, Sanford Health, $3.1 billion.