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SD, other states have revenues on track for end of fiscal year

South Dakota and Northern Plains states' revenue should meet their fiscal 2014 budget projections, with North Dakota predicting it will exceed its projections.

Last month's report from the bipartisan National Council of State Legislatures comes with most state's ending their 2014 fiscal year June 30.

South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota, Wyoming and Montana were all on track for revenue, according to the report, with North Dakota expecting to exceed its predicted revenues.

The NCSL says 34 states; the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico will likely meet their revenue estimates at the end of this fiscal year. It also reports that spending is over budget in 22 states, with most overruns "modest."

The report cited the department of corrections in Nebraska as being "slightly over budget." Meanwhile, Minnesota reported that it projects a $1.2 billion balance at the end of FY 2015.