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Fall River County has highest percentage of vets in nation

South Dakota’s Fall River County has the largest percentage of veterans per capita in the United States, according to a recent study.

The Daily Kos looked at U.S. Census data and found that the county in the southern Black Hills in southwest South Dakota had 32.4 percent of its adult population was comprised of veterans.

Other Black Hills counties also had some of the highest concentrations of veterans in the state, creating a cluster between Belle Fourche and Hot Springs.

These counties and their percentage of veterans as residents: Butte, 15.4 percent; Meade, 18.7 percent; Pennington, 16 percent; Custer, 21.4 percent; and Lawrence, 13.4 percent.

Other South Dakota counties with high concentrations of veterans, according to the study: Day, 15.8 percent; Sanborn, 15.1 percent; Potter, 14.2 percent and McCook, 13 percent.

Some other populated South Dakota counties: Minnehaha, 10.2 percent; Lincoln, 9.2 percent; Hughes, 10.4 percent; Brown, 10.3 percent; Davison, 11.7 percent; Brookings, 7.3 percent and Yankton, 10.1 percent.

The study found that veterans like to live by other veterans, live in areas with low costs of living and near military installations.