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GLAD YOU ASKED: School's out for summer, when?

Q: Why is Sioux Falls done with school a whole week earlier than Mitchell? Is it true the Mitchell School District is doing year-round school this year at Longfellow?

A: The following response comes from Mitchell Superintendent Joe Graves: "School calendars vary across the state and so while beginning and ending dates are often similar, local variations in the calendar do create some differences. Sioux Falls did indeed end its school year one week earlier than Mitchell, but this is the case because Christmas break in Sioux Falls was shorter than that of Mitchell and because Sioux Falls had fewer non-school days during the school year than Mitchell.

"No, it is not true that Longfellow will have year-round school this year. Neither is it true that they will have year-round school next year. All of our attendance centers have essentially the same calendar."

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