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Multiple agencies report Presho fire chief killed battling fire

Shuttle loader planned for Tabor

Dakota Plains Ag Center has plans for a shuttle loading facility in a number of different locations in the southeast corner of the state, in Clay, Yankton or Bon Homme counties. Two of those locations would be on either the west or east side of Tabor.

"Both of these sites have advantages and disadvantages. The west side one is on two state highways but the land is a little damp. The east site doesn't have quite as good of road access but the ground is better," Lindholm said.

Lindholm said the west site would require 13 miles of rail construction on the Napa-Platte Line. The east site would require 10 miles of rail to be constructed.

The Clay County site has already been graded, after plans for an ethanol plant there fell through. Dakota Plains is considering other locations because plans for a facility at Napa Junction in Yankton County have stalled recently. They also operate the facility between Parkston and Tripp in Hutchinson County.

"Things have picked up in the seven days. I would say it's proceeding at a pretty fast pace," Lindholm said. "I can't tell you what's going to happen because I don't know."

Former state legislator Frank Kloucek, in the audience, asked Lindholm, "It's not safe to say that there will be trains coming to Czech Days?" The comment about Tabor's annual celebration drew laughs from the board.

"Not this year," Lindholm replied.