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Mitchell firefighter bit during investigation

A Mitchell firefighter was nipped by a dog during a fire call Tuesday evening.

Around 6 p.m., the Mitchell Fire Division was called to the 400 block of East Fourth Avenue for smoke in the backyard of a residence. The smoke turned out to be nothing, but while investigating the situation, a German shorthair bit a firefighter.

Sgt. Ryan Erickson with the Mitchell Police Division said the firefighter -- whose name the Department of Public Safety declined to release -- leaned against a fence to talk to people in the backyard, and the dog jumped up and got a hold of his jacket sleeve.

"It was more of a scratch than a bite," Erickson said. "It's the first time the dog did that."

Erickson said the dog is current on its vaccinations and appeared to be protecting its owners.

The firefighter suffered minor bruising as a result of the incident. No charges will be filed, according to Sgt. Dave Beintema, of the Mitchell Police Division.