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Man in fatal crash doesn't have motorcycle license

A man involved in a fatal motorcycle accident Saturday does not have his motorcycle operator's license, according to a state trooper.

Sean Baas, 19, of Alexandria, allegedly lost control of the motorcycle he was driving shortly before 7 p.m. Saturday near the intersection of state Highway 38 and Riverside Road, a few miles east of Mitchell.

According to a Sunday news release from the state Department of Public Safety, Baas had slowed to make a right turn toward Riverside Road, which caused the motorcycle to slide toward a northbound semi-truck driven by 62-year-old David Lee Vanzee, of Huron.

Jorden Hanson, 22, of Woonsocket, was the passenger on the motorcycle. Hanson was separated from the motorcycle and slid under the driver's side front dual tires of the semi-trailer, which caused fatal injuries, according to the state Department of Public Safety. Baas was also separated from the motorcycle and suffered serious, but not life-threatening, injuries. Both were wearing helmets.

State Trooper Mark Nelson, who responded to the scene, said Wednesday that Baas was driving his father's motorcycle during the time of the accident. Nelson said Sean Baas does not have a motorcycle operator's license. Baas' father has insurance on the motorcycle, Nelson said.

Citations are still pending regarding the investigation, Nelson added.

"I'm working with the Hanson County state's attorney on that," he said.

Nelson said one of the citations could be related to Baas not having a motorcycle operator's license.

To obtain a motorcycle operator's license, an applicant must pass vision, knowledge and motorcycle driving tests.