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SD, not Florida, best place to retire

NEW YORK — Thinking about leaving for the best place to retire? If you're a South Dakotan, then stay put.

All of the Northern Plains states, except Minnesota, states were in the top 10 for best places to retire. Minnesota was 11th.

A new study says South Dakota, the land of brutal winters, is the best place to retire, according to

The Mount Rushmore State beat out perennial retiree hotspots Florida (39th) and Arizona (16th). looked at several factors to determine which states offer the best quality of life for seniors. The factors include local weather, cost of living, crime rate, health care quality, tax burden and well-being.

South Dakota came out on top due to its low tax burden, low crime rate and high wellness score. Other states that round out the top five best states to retire are Colorado, Utah, North Dakota and Wyoming.

"While the states that ranked highly may not be thought of as typical retiree havens, seniors should consider more than sunshine when choosing a place for their golden years," said research and statistics analyst Chris Kahn. "The Dakotas both ranked in our top 10 for the second year in a row due to their low cost of living, low crime rates, good health care quality, low taxes and excellent satisfaction scores from residents."

The five states that ranked the lowest for retirement are New York, West Virginia, Alaska, Arkansas and Hawaii.

Northern Plains states' rankings: Iowa, ninth; Montana, seventh; Minnesota, 11th; Nebraska, sixth; North Dakota, fourth; South Dakota, first; and Wyoming, fifth.