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Even if given the chance to leave, S. Dakotans say they'll stay put

If you live in the Northern Plains, chances are you don't want to live somewhere else, according to a new Gallup survey.

South Dakotans joined Montanans, Minnesotans and Wyomingites in the top 10 in saying that even if they had a chance to move somewhere else, they'd stay put,.

Nationally, about one-third of Americans would like to live somewhere other than their current state, according to Gallup.

In Montana, only 23 percent of the respondents said they'd like to leave the Big Sky Country state, with fellow Northern Plains states not far behind. In Minnesota it was 25 percent, South Dakota 26 percent and Wyoming 27 percent.

Meanwhile, half of Illinois respondents said they wanted to leave, followed by 49 percent of Connecticutians and 47 percent of Marylanders. Nevadans were the most likely to actually move.