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Hamlin County deputy called hero after lake rescue

VOLGA (AP) — A Hamlin County deputy came to the rescue when a father and son fell into Lake Poinsett while trying to retrieve a football.

Dan Overbo and his 9-year-old son fell into the freezing water Monday morning when their canoe tipped about 60 yards from shore.

"It was so incredibly cold," Overbo said. "The ice just came off (the lake)."

Overbo got his son into the canoe and tried to push the waterlogged boat to shore but wasn't making much progress.

"I was yelling for help and I asked my wife, 'Am I making any ground?'" Overbo said.

A neighbor heard the calls for help and alerted Deputy Jon Barthel, who lives near the Overbos' lake home. Barthel ran to the scene, jumped into the water and pulled the father and son to shore.

"He just didn't think twice about it — he came flying in the water, came right out to us and pulled us, really, to safety," said Overbo, who lives in Volga.

Overbo and his son spent about 20 minutes in the water. They were checked out at a Watertown hospital and released.

"In my eyes, (Barthel) is a true hero and really a blessing," Overbo said.

Barthel said he was just doing his job.

"We need to show people that we will always be there for them, no matter what the situation," he said.