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Prescribed burn planned north of Vivian

The Fort Pierre National Grassland of the Nebraska National Forests and Grasslands will conduct prescribed burning this spring as weather conditions allow.

The unit to be treated is approximately 23 miles south of Fort Pierre and five miles north of Vivian and known as the Dry Hole Chester Pasture. It is in Lyman County, west of U.S. Highway 83 and approximately 320 acres. The target date for the burn is the last week in April or early in May. The goal of the planned prescribed burn is to reduce buildup of vegetative litter.

To ensure that the objectives of the project are met and that the burn stays inside the designated control lines, specifi c conditions have been established for this project.

The burn will not be implemented unless weather conditions, including wind speed, wind direction, humidity and smoke dispersal, fall within specifi c ranges.

Control lines have been mowed around the boundary of the unit and fi re retardant foam will be utilized on the day of the burn to keep the fire from spreading beyond the control line.

The burn will be managed by personnel from the Nebraska National Forest and Grasslands, in conjunction with partners from other state and federal agencies and local volunteer fire departments.

Personnel from the Fort Pierre National Grassland will notify adjacent landowners, law enforcement entities, local fi re departments and the media on the actual day of the prescribed burn. Smoke may be visible from Interstate 90 and from Vivian, Draper, Presho, Murdo, Kennebec, Pierre and Fort Pierre. Other residents and communities may see or smell smoke from the prescribed burn. For more information, contact the Fort Pierre Ranger District at 224-5517.

— Source: U.S. Forest Service