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Dakotans not state tax complainers like New Yorkers

Dakotans are not big complainers about paying their taxes.

No, seriously. A Gallup Poll says so.

The polling organization's recent survey says only Wyomingites and oil-rich Alaskans complain less about their state's taxes than South Dakotans. And not far behind in seventh place, suddenly oil-rich North Dakotans are non-complainers as well.

Gallup asked residents 18 and over in every state the following question: "Do you consider the amount of state taxes you have to pay as too high, or not too high?"

The organization noted that less populated states' residents complain less than larger states' residents, though income-tax free Texans (tied for ninth) and Floridians (fifth) also seemed reasonably happy.

The least happy about paying state taxes? New Yorkers and New Jerseyians followed closely by Connecticutians.