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Cool climate to dominate spring

Cooler than average temperatures are expected to persist through the remainder of the spring season in South Dakota, according to National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Climate Prediction Center.

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The most recent update was released last week, which includes projections for temperature, precipitation and drought for the spring and early summer.

“The cool Canadian fl ow is expected to continue well into April,” said Laura Edwards, SDSU Extension Climate Field Specialist. “The pattern that we’ve experienced the last few months is going to stay put for a while longer.”

Edwards says most of the state will likely have below average temperatures in April, and could linger through May and beyond for the state’s northern counties.

“This could mean a little later than normal planting for row crops and home gardens, as soil temperatures are struggling to warm up,” she said.

During the last month, several climate forecasts have shown that El Nino is becoming more likely for the 2014 growing season. This can mean wetter and cooler for eastern, especially southeastern, South Dakota for May through September, Edwards said.