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65 mph zone on I-90 at Rapid City to grow longer

PIERRE — Motorists, beware.

The 65 mph zone on Interstate 90 at Rapid City is about to be longer.

The zone has been between milepost 55.2 on the west end and milepost 66.5 on the east end.

The state Transportation Commission agreed Thursday to expand the 65 mph segment by 1.3 miles east to milepost 67.8. The reason is additional development and more traffic at the new exit there. Law enforcement agencies support the change, according to DOT lawyer Bill Nevin.

He said the department didn’t receive any other written comments. No one showed up to testify Thursday at the public hearing.

Asked what he thought, Transportation Commission member Jerry Shoener said, “I think it’s a good move.”

The change won’t take effect until after the rule is considered and cleared by the Legislature’s rules review committee, probably not until sometime in April, and offi cially filed with the secretary of state.

Then DOT will reposition the speed limit signs farther east.

On either side of the zone, the speed limit is the standard 75 mph for I-90 in South Dakota.