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ND one of few states to see low-income wages increase; SD's wages decrease

North Dakota was one of only three states that saw wages rise for so-called "low-income wage earners" during the Great Recession, according to a new study by the Economic Policy Institute.

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Low-income wage earners are in the bottom 20 percentile, according to EPI.

North Dakota led the nation in the low-income wage range with hourly wages up 58 cents as measured in 2013 wages between 2009 and 2013. The only other states to show increases were Mississippi and West Virginia.

Even fellow low unemployment state South Dakota showed a decrease in wages during the time period, with a nearly 50 cent decrease in hourly wages. South Dakota ranked 13th in terms of wage increases/least wage decreases.

EPI's Doug Hall notes the national average decline over this period was $0.68 or 6.4 percent.