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Report: Car insurance rates vary least in SD

By Northern Plains News

Car insurance consumers in South Dakota experience less variation in premiums during the course of the year than do buyers in every other state.

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In 2013, car insurance rates varied just 1.9 percent in South Dakota, according to a new report.

Put another way, the most expensive month to purchase car insurance only cost 2 percent more than the least expensive month in South Dakota.

Nationally, car insurance rates varied 7.5 percent from the lowest month (December) to the highest (March). In some places — such as Hawaii (47.9 percent), Wyoming (39.7 percent), Washington, D.C. (35.3 percent) and Maryland (34.8 percent) — the variance was much greater.

The smallest differences were observed in South Dakota (1.9 percent), Arkansas (3.7 percent), Utah (4.4 percent) and Iowa (4.9 percent).