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Daugaard: GOED still under review, audit

PIERRE — Gov. Dennis Daugaard used a small part of his State of the State speech Tuesday to talk about the reviews and audits under way at the Governor’s Office of Economic Development. He also promised to seek policy changes regarding state employee travel and reimbursement.

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None of the information was altogether new. He said three sets of reports — two by outside accounting firms and one by the state Department of Legislative Audit — would be finished by “the end of January.” State Board of Economic Development members were told separately in a briefing by a GOED officials Tuesday that the Legislative Audit timetable might extend into February.

“When the results are known, I will work closely with legislators to decide how the state should respond to the results, and to determine if further reviews are warranted,” Daugaard said.

“This is a serious matter and it deserves serious attention from state officials. It is important to be thorough and comprehensive, even if doing so takes more time.

“My goals moving forward are three-fold: to continue to cooperate in the federal investigation, to recover misappropriated state funds, if possible, and to use these extensive audits and reviews to find ways to improve our processes,” he said.