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State assists water projects in communities

PIERRE — A state board approved low-interest loans Friday to help the communities of Mobridge and Miller on water utility projects and gave a grant to the Day County conservation district to help reduce agricultural pollution.

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Mobridge will get a $400,000 loan at 2.25 percent for 30 years to further pay for a water tower project that is costing more than expected.

Miller’s $242,000 loan carries a 3 percent rate of interest for 20 years. The financing is for the first piece of a major project for the wastewater and storm sewer systems.

The Day County conservation district is in line for a grant of $115,000 that is part of a nearly $1.2 million watershed restoration project.

The money will assist agricultural producers in expanding practices that help slow and clean water that runs off fields, livestock lots and pastures.

This is done through grassed waterways, stabilizing shorelines and stream banks and installing animal waste collection systems.

In other action by the state Board of Water and Natural Resources, approval was given for a grant and a loan to Kingbrook rural water system to deliver drinking water to Sinai. The board also approved loans to Brookings and Dell Rapids.

The Mobridge project received a state loan of $1.2 million in 2012.

That hasn’t been sufficient. The work cost $600,000 more than expected, with Mobridge putting in $200,000 and taking the latest state loan to cover the balance.

On Thursday city officials responded to the latest difficulty and approved spending another $91,000 because new paint wouldn’t adhere.