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Study says big trucks, SUVs rule in South Dakota

By Northern Plains News

SIOUX FALLS — Take a look in your driveway right now. Chances are if you live in the Dakotas, sitting there should be some kind of full-size crossover or sports utility vehicle, according to Kelley Blue Book.

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KBB the famous website that prices used cars, also keeps track of vehicle popularity in the United States. Their recent report on regional car shopping data notes which auto-brand and type is most likely to be seen on the road in your state.

In the region — North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana and Wyoming — the most popular vehicles are Ram full-size crossover models. This makes sense considering the oil industry’s impact in those states. Meanwhile, in culturally opposite New York, there is disdain for the Ram brand and full-size crossovers.

But the home of the Big Apple happens to love BMWs and luxury car anything.

Janet Hendrickson, a local of Sioux Falls, isn’t surprised about the region’s vehicle preferences.

“When we were driving through Wyoming the only cars that were being sold at dealerships, it seems, were all SUVs and pickups,” Hendrickson said.

KBB’s data seems to confirm the adage that if you are from the western part of the Midwest or Plains states, “every man, woman and child owns a dog and a pickup.”