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Missing Woonsocket woman’s husband interviewed, not a suspect

WOONSOCKET — The state Division of Criminal Investigation interviewed a missing Woonsocket woman’s husband Tuesday, but garnered no new information.

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Sanborn County Sheriff Tom Fridley said Bradley Cyriacks, estranged husband of missing 30-year-old Rachel Cyriacks, was found in Huron and questioned.

“He didn’t know anything,” Fridley said. “They were comfortable he wasn’t holding anything back. He has no idea where she might have gone, which has been the case with everyone we’ve talked with.”

Rachel Cyriacks has been missing since approximately Nov. 11, said Deputy Mark Kessler. He said Bradley Cyriacks is not a suspect, nor does the sheriff’s office have any suspects.

“We don’t know that there’s been a crime committed,” Kessler said. “She could have just gotten out of town for some time to herself. Any guess is open at the moment and there’s no evidence of foul play.”

Rachel Cyriacks  The sheriff’s office was looking to talk to Bradley Cyriacks because he is still married to Rachel, but couldn’t find him. Fridley said Bradley did not have a firm address or telephone number.

Rachel Cyriacks was reported missing this week, but original reports stated she’d last been seen Dec. 6. Fridley said that was erroneous information and was corrected.

She was working recently at a temp job at Performance Pet Products in Mitchell.

Kessler said the sheriff’s office has received tips from the public stating Cyriacks has been seen. He said the department has followed up by watching surveillance videos from different locations, like convenience stores, but has determined none of the people on the videos was Cyriacks.

Kessler said the state Division of Criminal Investigation has gotten involved to help search throughout the state. Fridley added that family has indicated it is unusual for Rachel Cyriacks to be gone for this long and not have contacted family.

“We did our footwork as best we could and asked them to join in and do other things with agents stationed all over the state,” Kessler said.

Anyone with information regarding Rachel Cyriacks’ whereabouts is encouraged to call the Sanborn County Sheriff’s Office at (605) 796-4511.

“We’re still looking for a happy ending,” Fridley said.