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SD school boards group supports daily pledge

ABERDEEN (AP) — The Associated School Boards of South Dakota is supporting the daily recitation of the Pledge of Allegiance by students at all grade levels.

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The issue became a hot topic in the state after a decision by the Sioux Falls School Board last month to not extend a daily pledge to high schools led to a barrage of criticism from around the country — including death threats against some board members.

The Sioux Falls board reversed course and asked high school students to recite the pledge daily. The Rapid City School Board also has decided that all students in all schools should recite the pledge each day. The Aberdeen School Board is considering a similar move, according to the American News.

The Associated School Boards of South Dakota overwhelmingly passed a resolution in late November in support of students at all grade levels reciting the pledge daily, to instill patriotism and to educate them about "the principles the United States was founded upon," member Duane Alm said.

State Rep. Hal Wick, R-Sioux Falls, has said he will introduce a bill in the Legislature next year requiring all school children in South Dakota to recite the pledge every day.

"We certainly hope legislators would allow school districts to develop policies and leave the details to local boards," Alm said.