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Pierre man rescued by strangers after boat mishap

PIERRE (AP) — A Pierre man is thanking three strangers for coming to his aid when he fell out of a boat while fishing on the Oahe Dam tailrace.

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Marty Javurek, 61, said he was fishing with a friend Saturday when their boat hit something and he was thrown into water about 15 feet deep.

"A couple times I went under and I thought, 'I don't know if I could get back up or not,'" he told the Capital Journal.

He was in the water for about five minutes before his friend was able to pull the boat near. Javurek was able to grab on and his friend tried to pull him in.

"But he is only about half my size so he wasn't going to get me in the boat, and I was spent at that point," Javurek said.

Three men in another boat came to the rescue, grabbing him by the jacket and belt and lifting him out of the water and into his boat, Javurek said. They left before he could thank them.

"I wish I'd have known who the guys were because I absolutely couldn't say anything," he said. "But thank you, and you saved a life."

The incident left Javurek with bruises, and he said he will always use a life jacket in the future.