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SDPB has highest positive responses in fairness survey among SD’s TV news outlets

By Northern Plains News

What is the perception of the fairness or unfairness of South Dakota’s TV news outlets?

Not too good, at least as compared to results for S.D.’s daily newspapers. Only one outlet — South Dakota Public Broadcasting — had a net positive differential of “fair” to “unfair” responses.

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Northern Plains News conducted an online reader survey of 100 self-reporting participants for a week in late September. While less accurate than formal polling it is more accurate than “word of mouth.”

Respondents indicated their perceived fairness or unfairness of South Dakota’s TV stations that provide local news and information programming.

Respondents were asked to note which TV stations were and were not “accurate, fair, timely and dependable.”

South Dakota Public Broadcasting had the highest “fair” response at 61 percent of respondents. KELO-TV followed with 40 percent and KSFY-TV at nearly 30 percent.

KELO-TV was also noted as “unfair” by 64 percent of the respondents, following by KSFY-TV at nearly 44 percent and KDLT-TV at 31 percent.

As to the differential between “fair” and “unfair” ratings, only SDPB had a positive net of nearly 41 percent, followed by KEVN-TV at nearly -8 percent and KDLT-TV at nearly -12 percent.