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Gregory voters say no to opt-out plan

GREGORY — Voters in the Gregory School District voted against a proposed three-year, $300,000 opt-out.

According to election officials, the unofficial results tallied 331 votes against the opt-out, with 280 yes votes, meaning the opt-out lost by 51 votes. Despite the close margin, officials did not plan on a recount.

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The opt-out would have allowed the district to collect an extra $300,000 per year above the state property tax limits for three years. An opt-out is an action by a local government that allows it to enact bigger annual increases in property-tax collections than state-imposed limits would otherwise allow.

Gregory Superintendent Sara Klein said if the opt-out had been approved, the additional funds would have been used to make up for budget cuts the district has made in the last three years and possibly hiring additional staff.

The district does not currently have an opt-out in place.