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Aberdeen war memorial repaired after drunken driver crash

ABERDEEN (AP) — Aberdeen's Vietnam War memorial has been repaired in time for a weekend of activities slated to honor veterans of the war.

The monument was damaged by a drunken driver in April. City Parks Superintendent Mark Hoven tells the American News that repairs cost nearly $12,500. City Attorney Adam Altman says the drunken driver is being required to reimburse the city.

Forty-nine-year-old Thomas Harwood pleaded guilty last month to a third drunken-driving charge in a 10-year span, a felony. He was sentenced to serve 45 days in jail and spend two years on probation, ordered to pay more than $1,200 in fines and fees and ordered to make restitution.

Court documents say Altman's blood-alcohol level was nearly five times the legal limit for driving.