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Wedding ring found in Yankton sewer still a mystery

YANKTON (AP) — Yankton police are still searching for the owner of a wedding ring that was found in the city's sewer system in June, but they have gleaned a little more information about the mystery jewelry.

The ring was discovered in sludge at the city's wastewater plant. It might have been in the sewer system for years before making its way there, authorities said.

Police Lt. Todd Brandt told the Yankton Daily Press & Dakotan that an expert has now examined the ring.

"Based on the expert's opinion, it's believed the ring could have originated from Meredith's Jewelry in Yankton," he said. "He couldn't say that with 100 percent certainty, but it's very possible."

The police department has received inquiries about the ring, but its owner remains a mystery, Brant said.

The ring has some unique characteristics, and a person will need to give a detailed description of the ring or have a photograph of it to claim the piece of jewelry, police said.