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SD and ND produce 85 percent of sunflower crop

ABERDEEN (AP) — The U.S. Agriculture Department says South Dakota again ranks in the top 10 nationally for numerous commodities.

The Aberdeen News reports the state leads the nation in bison production and is second in honey, millet, sunflower and flaxseed. It's No. 6 in corn and wheat production and No. 9 for soybeans.

South Dakota also was No. 5 in cows and No. 6 in sheep and lambs.

State Agriculture Secretary Lucas Lentsch says the rankings reflect the diversified landscape of the state.

Carter Anderson with the USDA National Agriculture Statistics Service in Sioux Falls says that combined, South Dakota and North Dakota produced 85 percent of all sunflower seeds in the nation — 32 percent in South Dakota and 52 percent in North Dakota.